Walking the path of healing beyond words

Indra’s beautiful energy work and her beautiful words made me feel so safe. I have never had an experience like this before and I’m forever grateful to Indra. When I thought my dark days would never see the light again, Indra brought in the light.
– Abbe


REI (soul, sacred) – KI (life force energy)

Reiki healing sessions changed my life to such an extent that I became a Reiki Master Practitioner, so I could share this energy modality with as many people as I could.  

Reiki itself is a hands-on sacred energy healing system that comes from a loving Universal Source. It is a Higher Intelligence that works with you (your Higher Self) in creating the space for deep relaxation, healing and growth.

Maintaining the health of our energy body is highly important and has been part of the wisdom of many cultures long before modern medicine was born. Like acupuncture and reflexology, Reiki is a form of energy medicine.  

The work we do at the level of the mind is powerful and can result in major shifts in our consciousness. However, the work we do on the levels of emotion and energy are often the fast track to meaningful and lasting inner and outer changes.

Because of its gentle nature, any one at any age can receive Reiki energy.

What you can expect in receiving Reiki treatments:

**Reiki results do vary from person to person and is never a sole substitute for professional help. “Healing” is not the same as “curing” although Reiki is unlimited in its healing capacity.

A Reiki session

When you arrive for your session, we will spend a short time discussing your intention for your Reiki session such as initiating healing for a physical condition, relieving your stress, or receiving clarity on a life decision. Then you will lie fully clothed on my massage table where you will receive the Reiki healing treatment. The last part of your session will include a brief conversation about any insights or action steps that emerged during your time on the table.


Single Reiki Session


Initial sessions are 75 minutes; subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.

In-person sessions are held in Richmond, BC.

Reiki Packages


Free 30-minute discovery call

I offer new clients a free 30-minute discovery call to go over my process and my philosophy before committing to working with me.

Do you have a question or want clarification about your next steps?

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