Are you ready to be inspired by some new dreams?

Hi, I’m Indra Sangara. I empower and inspire people who are ready to step out and find the answers that lie within themselves and the courage to live the life they truly want. 

I’ve spent years investing in courses, training and personal development, so, like you, I know what it feels like on many levels to be the client and the student.

This dance of self-discovery called me to leave my job after thirty-three years to follow my heart and take those steps to make my dreams a reality. I had a lot of support along the way from my own intuitive life coach and mentor. This type of support was the reason I became a Reiki Master Practitioner and a Certified Life Coach.

From a place of deep care and love for where you are right now and for what you have gone through, I’m ready to open up your imagination
and your heart and help you live your dreams.

The world needs you to dance in the way your Life Plan is calling you to.

How do we begin?

Contact me HERE to discuss the deep transformation that can take place in an Intuitive Reiki session,
or in a personalized Coaching or Hypnosis Session.

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